Reflections on Marriage

As the Executive Director of the Hope Center and in my personal views, the definition of marriage has been illegitimately relegated to the State and Federal Court systems of our Country. If you stand for the separation of Church and State – than you must conclude that marriage is a Church Institution not a State institution.

Marriage has been originated, designed and defined by God and instituted through the relationship He authored (Genesis 2:18-25). The biblical view of sex can also be argued that it too, is an institution authored by God (Genesis 3 and 4) but that will be in another blog. We, as the Body of Christ must strengthen our God given position on the sanctity of marriage. Too many Christians in leadership have abdicated biblical truth to comply with the immoral malaise of our American culture. They (some Christian Leaders of influence) have refused to take the stance of Peter and John who declared “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey man rather than God.” –Acts 4:19

This link is to an article from Christianity Today that encourages us about the state of Marriage among Believers even at the demise of prominent Christian leaders who adhere to what is cultural instead of what is biblical. –Marvin Daniels