Staff at CCDAAt the end of September, THe Hope Center staff participated in the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) annual conference in Raleigh, NC. The theme was Flourish, and the sessions, workshops and conversations centered on Jeremiah 28:4-7. The conference re-energized our vision, reconnected us with other ministry workers from all over the country and renewed our thoughts as we considered how to best honor God by establishing healthy communities where the vulnerable flourish.

This conference was a great way to end a busy and fruitful month. September is the start of our program year, which we celebrated with Leaders In Training and Outreach Bible Study kick-off parties.

LIT students and leaders had a great time at Lake Winnebago fishing, tubing, and swimming, and as the evening wrapped up THC staff member Kelli Johnson challenged the kids to continue growing as Christian leaders school, in their community and at The Hope Center.

At the OBS kick-off kids and their families enjoyed Family Night. Students played their all-time favorite relay races, earned points for the girls and boys teams, were introduced to their Bible study leaders, and made ice cream sundaes while their family members had the opportunity to observe a typical evening at OBS.

September also included lots of work on the Leadership House, a house on our property that will function as THC offices and home base for LIT.  Several groups came to serve us this month by painting, demoing and cleaning the Leadership House, as well as updating our landscaping. Visit our Facebook page to see photos of their work.

We are thankful for your  time and resources that allow us to participate in God’s work in this community. We will continue following Him as he reveals new opportunities to serve youth and families in our neighborhood, but we can’t do it without you. Will you pray for us this fall?

Join us in thanking God for:

  • The 8 new volunteers who joined our faithful group of OBS and LIT leaders
  • Opportunities to connect with new families, especially parents of OBS students
  • The Leadership House, which allows us to explore new outreach and discipleship opportunities as we discern how God is asking us to use the space.
  • For the many individuals and groups who are giving their time and resources to the Leadership House remodel

Join us in asking for:

  •  Lasting relationships with the students we serve and their families
  • God-honoring, thought-provoking discussion at our community forum
  • Renewed commitment to our mission and vision as we press forward in God’s work in our community