To provide quality, affordable housing so that the vulnerable flourish.


We envision all residents of our east side community having the opportunity to live in quality, affordable homes in a safe environment. Our neighborhood will shift from transience and decline, to stability and peace,creating a vibrant place to raise great kids.


Hope CDC will focus on a specific target area in the The Hope Center neighborhood.

Other Info

Hope CDC has selected a neighborhood of focus for its housing initiatives. We are targeting a 3 by 5 block neighborhood located in the Oak Park neighborhood. This neighborhood is adjacent to THC’s campus, and many of this neighborhood’s youth attend THC’s youth development ministry. Over the past several years, Hope CDC has invested our efforts in several areas: we have recruited several homeowners into the target area; rehabbed the home of a low income homeowner whose house was in significant disrepair; purchased (and now maintaining) numerous lots on which new homes will eventually be constructed or sold to responsible neighbors, and purchased houses that will be rehabbed and offered to a low to moderate income family.