By: Jaleeyah Anderson

We don’t want you causing ruckus, calm your little mind. Things’ll get better eventually, just give it some time. Don’t talk so proper, don’t stand so tall. Don’t feel bad for getting nowhere, we expected you to fall. Don’t try breaking the system, wait in your lines. Stay in your lane, you’ll never get to mine.

Never stop pushing, don’t take a break. If you’re better than them then stop making mistakes. Stop being so sensitive, don’t get so butthurt. They say something bad to you, say something worse. Don’t fall in their lines, don’t stand in their que. You have to do everything I couldn’t do. Everyone’s watching you, just look around. Don’t be a weakling and don’t let us down.

Both of these voices are direct and strong. Both of these voices are different and wrong. People aren’t meant to push down on each other. People are meant to be loved and together. These voices are hate filled and very demeaning. These voices are ones kids are constantly hearing. If you’re reading this then I ask of you, don’t do all the things that these voices do. Anyone can do it, white or black. But there’s never an excuse for it, MLK taught me that. Make your company a haven for us. Teach us to love like The Hope Center does. Be an encouragement to all young minds. Show us a good example so we don’t grow blind. Speak softly, be gentle, show young ones the way to transform this world into a bright new day.

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