Sept 2014 431 resize
As a volunteer at The Hope Center (THC), your effort will contribute toward reaching and developing urban youth into world-class Christian leaders. The following is a list of serving opportunities currently available at The Hope Center. To find out more about these opportunities please email

Volunteer Leaders: Our children and youth programs meet weekly; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our volunteer leaders assist with homework, Bible lessons, small groups and recreation time.  A minimum commitment of one school year is required.

Leaders In Training Tutors: LIT is The Hope Center ministry that focuses on developing a small group of kids to be leaders now and also as they grow into adulthood. LIT meets every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30-8pm.  Leaders in this program tutor a small group of youth in literacy areas.  Each tutor comes one day per week from approximately 4:45-8pm.  A minimum commitment of one school year is required.

Creatives: Experienced photographers, videographers and designers are needed to capture and share daily life and special events at THC.  If you’re a creative who would like to volunteer time and expertise in this way, contact

Food Ministry: Many of our activities involve a meal or a snack.  Snacks are provided for LIT students two days per week.  Special events and holiday celebrations are another time to minister through food.  Providing food for the children can be a one-time serving opportunity or a regular commitment.

Service Days: THC needs volunteer groups to help with yard work, maintenance, painting, and other projects. Churches, small groups, and individuals are all welcome.

Mail Distribution: THC needs volunteers to help fold, sort, label, and stamp various mailings throughout the year.

Office Assistants: Volunteers are needed to help out with various administrative tasks.  Office assistants would be involved in such activities as photocopying, making phone calls, logging attendance numbers for Outreach Bible Study and Leaders In Training, and other necessary jobs.  This opportunity has very flexible daytime hours.  Volunteering in this capacity can be a one time or regular commitment.

Computer Support: Volunteers with computer knowledge are needed to maintain and help advance THC’s computer systems.  Computer support volunteers should be available to give support over the phone, as well as come to THC to fix computer problems when necessary.

Mr. (or Ms.) Clean: Volunteer teams are needed to clean THC one-to-two times per month.